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Laserix is a flash game created by Jason Storhed, a video game designer student. This game is just 100% fun and perfect transpose to PSP !!!!. I have tried it once and became a big fan! After a couple of days, and few broken PSPs, I finished the 13 levels. Oh no! What am I gonna do !!! I contacted Jason, to ask for more, but he was busy with his exams. So guess what, I decided to create my own levels.

Now you can play 52 levels (incuding the 13 orignals masterpiece) and try to finsih the game. Good Luck and have a blast!!!

Laserix is a laser that should go through all diamonds on the grid. The only way to do it, is to use mirrors, in the right position and adjust them to define the right laser path. Laserix is a real “Chinese puzzle”. There is no need for 3D or video. The game is just fun!!! 

Thanks again to Jason, who design the game and let me used the source code to create  new levels.

You can see jason site or find the 1st version in flash to play on PC.

I would like to say a little thx to  Lumo et Shine for their sites, and to Eliotstein and Regis for levels and test.

Some helps are avalable on the FORUM.

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Download LASERIX2 PSP 1.5-2.0

Download LASERIX2 for windows